Just Another Cragged Monday

Monday, July 9th. Saying Goodbye and Hello!

We are so happy to have welcomed back the Wilderness Group. Stories were being shared over dinner and all through the evening. Our oldest campers left camp this morning for their first 3 day hike! Tomorrow we say “See ya later!” to the rest of our cabins.

A Look At The Day

Cabins ZA and 10 set out on a Presidential Traverse crossover! One group is starting at Hermit Lake and the other is starting at Nauman site.  They will be summiting the big one, Mount Washington, tomorrow.

Cabin 3 made surprise birthday cakes for their counselor, Wils. One was a graham cracker crust chocolate chip ice cream cake, which was just for the cabin. The other was for dessert after dinner. Thank you Cabin 3! Some rowdy games of Gaga and knockout were played after they cleaned up the cake making.

Cabin 4, 2, and 7 played an intense game of ultimate frisbee in lower lower. The competition seemed heated but the fun was being had. After a cool down, Cabin 4 and 2 played board games. Apples to Apples, Clue, and Risk were spread about the tables of the farmhouse.  Cabin 7 made slime! A bit of a mess was made but, do you truly have fun in Arts and Crafts if you aren’t making a bit of a mess?

Cabin 12 helped our cook Tori make the lasagna for dinner as well as doing a little experimenting in the kitchen. They continued their cooking endeavors in the late morning by making solar ovens. Questions of what would cook faster, an egg or a pancake were made. One oven was even set up to toast a marshmallow.

Cabin Woodshed went off Adventuring with Will around the Cragged property. They were on the search for animal prints, dropping and even possibly a sighting or two.

Our afternoon was well spent at the Lovely Loon Lake. different watermelon games were played in the depths and the shallows. At the end of the ruckus, campers enjoyed the watermelons that turned out to be yellow!




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