Ridge Walkin’!

Wednesday, July 11th

With just the Wilderness program in camp this morning, the day was quiet. Luckily to cut the silence, Cabins ZA and 10 arrived back in the afternoon from the White Mountains. Today is the middle day of the rest of the cabins trips. We are excited to get back to having a full camp and hear how everyone’s trips went!

Notes from the Trips

The weather on the ridge was clear, allowing for stellar views and a great day of hiking from peak to peak.

Cabin 10 swam in the Lakes of the Clouds during their middle day after snagging some oyster crackers from the top of Mount Washington. The two groups had lunch together during the middle day on the side of Mount Monroe. Cabin ZA spent time enjoying the views from the top of Eisenhower. Each trip summited Eisenhower, Monroe, Pierce, Franklin, and Washington during the long day of their trip.

The Presidential Range is a trip that we love to send our older cabins on. It is a challenge with great reward from the views and the accomplishment.


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