Special Day!

Friday, July 13th

Beginning the day with a boardgame breakfast outside, the campers were not expecting the events that followed. Three of our wonderful staff became possessed by a spirit that was upset with the amount of ouija playing that the campers had been doing. Thus began Special Day!

A Look At The Day

The Story

This summer, campers have been experimenting with the Ouija board, and their excessive use of this spiritual tool has opened a portal that allowed the spirits of Cragged to walk on Earth among us. The constant questions and desire to communicate with the spiritual realm caused the Keeper of the Heart to lose his heart somewhere in the woods on Cragged Mountain. Other spirits entered the human realm and roamed the farm as well, such as an ancient dragon beast, a coyote, and a coal miner. The campers worked to help restore the balance between the two realms. After the campers completed the Tasks in the morning, the spirits broke free of the Cragged property and ran away. Luckily, we had two Spirit Chasers on campus, who tracked the spirits and discovered that they were on their way to the lake. At the lake, the campers performed the song and dances that they had learned and utilized their new skills to help bring the heart back to its keeper. As soon as the heart was returned to the Keeper, the balance was restored and the spirits could return to their realm and rest in peace.

The Tasks

Campers went through multiple activities to help restore the balance at Cragged. They learned a song and dance in the “Dead Dance Studio,” allowing them to spread messages of peace and better days. Walking down to Cascades one at a time, campers observed the land that belongs to both the spirits and us. There, they met with a gatekeeper who told them tales of the spirits and worlds of advice. Campers captured spirit charms while solidifying their water balloon aiming skills. Later, campers descended into the spirit world to try and help a troubled spirit who had been trapped there. They also entered the spirit realm through the portal and tried to please the Keeper of the Heart. All of the campers searched through camp to try to locate the heart as it moved around them in the woods out of fear.

All in all, a day well spent learning about how the actions we make can have a greater effect on the world around us, even if we cannot see it. 




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